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Cycling at Sisanie's?

Welcome Home... Diego!!

Sisanie, Michael and the kids have brought home a new family member - and it all happened so fast!!! Sisanie shares the love-at-first-sight moment they had with Diego and how they knew he had to come home with them to be a part of the family. Plus, tips for anyone making this decision in their lives right now and inside scoop of getting to surprise the kids with their new family member!

Valentine's Day at Sisanie's

Happy Valentine's Day from Sisanie and Erica! The two share their Valentine's Day plans with their partners as well as talk Love Languages. Plus, of course they recap the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's big night of after parties and Usher's halftime show performance!

Taylor Bowl, GRAMMYs, and Charm School

Sisanie and Erica are back recapping the GRAMMYs from Sunday night, Taylor's big new album announcement, and preparing for the Taylor Bowl... er, the Super Bowl. Plus, Sisanie talks about employers sending their employees to Charm School and Erica reenacts how she thinks Usher will start the half time show performance on Sunday!

The Swift Bowl, A Milestone and Tidal Waves

Sisanie and Erica break down all the excitement around pop culture's greatest moment: Taylor Swift going to the Super Bowl... errrr, her boyfriend anyway. And what will Taylor wear!? And how does her red lipstick last so long? Sisanie also reveals the milestone moment happening at home this week! The pair also talks Vanderpump Rules season 11, tidal waves (??), and becoming desperate in dating.

Anniversary Catch Up, Crazy Hair Day and Solitaire

Sisanie and Erica are back this week to recap Sisanie and Michael's 10th anniversary - including the surprises Michael had in store for Sisanie. Sisanie also chats about how the twins now handle their parents nights away, an upcoming crazy hair day at school and... her new obsession with solitaire? The duo also talks Vanderpump Rules an RHOSLC!

A Decade Of Marriage (with Sisanie's Husband, Michael)

To celebrate Sisanie and Michael's 10 year wedding anniversary - Michael joins she and Erica on the podcast! They detail the *dream* plans they had for the 10th anniversary... and the reality of those plans happening today. Plus, Erica asks the couple questions about marriage, parenthood, and 10 years of parnership.

New Decades, New Budgets, and New Trends

Like we promised last week, Sisanie and Erica are back with their Ins and Outs for the year and Sisanie thinks they nailed it! Plus, why Sisanie has really good vibes at the start of 2024 AND the big milestones she is reaching this year. Sisanie and Erica also talk Golden Globes, new fashion trends - the good and the not so great, and Mean Girls.

New Year, New Resolutions, New "Ins and Outs"

It's a brand new year and we have a brand new episode! Sisanie shares how she and the family spent Christmas and New Year's Eve - and questions Erica about her "very fun" New Year's plans. Plus we talk about Sisanie teaching her twins what New Years Resolutions are, and start to determine what our own "ins and outs" are for 2024.

Jingle Ball, Piano Recitals and Christmas Plans

It's that time of year - where a million things are happening and Christmas is JUST around the corner! Sisanie shares how the twins' first concert went at Jingle Ball, plus Christmas plans, preparing for their first Christmas in the new house, and a last minute surprise Disneyland trip! Plus, Raquel's new podcast and... are dating apps OVER!?