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Do You Know All These In-N-Out Secret Menu Items?


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You might know a few of these secret items but I bet some you've never heard of!

Here's the list you and you should try one of these this weekend!

Animal Style: a burger with lettuce, tomato and a mustard-cooked patty with pickle, extra spread, and grilled onions.

Flying Dutchman: two slices of cheese melted between two patties. No buns and no veggies.

Protein Style: A burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

Tomato Wrap: Just like protein style, but the “buns” are tomato slices!

Grilled Cheese: Two slices of melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato and spread on a toasted bun. You can get it with or without onions.

Double Meat: Two patties, lettuce, tomato and spread; with or without onions.

3×3, also known as a Triple-Triple: Three patties.

4×4, also known as a Quad-Quad: Four patties.

Veggie Burger: This is two buns filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, spread and pickles if you want them. There is no patty of any kind inside.

Other special requests:

  • You can ask for buns not toasted at all or extra toasted.
  • You can add chopped chilies to your burger or fries.
  • You can ask for extra of pretty much anything: tomatoes, lettuce, onions, or spread.
  • You can also ask to have your burger cut in half or in quarters (popular with kids!)
  • Finally, you can ask for your cheese “cold,” which means they don’t melt it on the burger.
  • As for drinks, you can get a Neapolitan shake, which is a mix of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry all in one cup!
  • There’s even a root beer float, which is a vanilla shake with root beer added on top.

We just tried the root beer float, and it was delicious!

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