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There Is A Surgery Gaining Popularity For Men Who Want To Be Taller!

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This is kind of crazy to me because I didn’t even know a surgery like this existed!

But there are men who are paying BIG BUCKS for a few inches!

This guy Alex at 5’7”, considered himself short.

He’s 26…was sick of insults and comments about his height. So last January, he got a leg-lengthening surgery to increase his height to 5’10”.

It cost him $100k…and was a four-hour surgery…it involved cutting the thigh bones in each leg and inserting a rod inside them. Then over the next three to four months, the rods are lengthened by up to 1 millimeter (0.04 inches) per day, via an external remote control. New bone grows over the rods.

Another story I read, the guy was 5’5” and spent over $170k to be 5’10”… that was two separate surgeries!

Look, I’m all for “do whatever is going to make you feel happy” but is this a real issue for short men?

My dad is 5’5” and I find him to be one of the most confident men I know!

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