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This New Dating App Is Actually Designed To Get You Off Your Phone!

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First Round's On Me (or FROME) is the dating app that everyone is talking about right now. It’s meant to bring back real dating and in-person connection and get us off our phones and together in real life.

“First Round's On Me” is a nod to a time when people met for the first time, by chance, in person. You'd see someone across the bar, go up to them and ask if you could buy them a drink.

Each time a user signs on, they have the option to select between one of two modes:

  • Available Today (those free for a date tonight) and
  • Available This Week (those who like to plan ahead)

When a user finds someone they're interested in, they send an invitation for a time and place to meet for a drink. If the recipient accepts — it's date!

That’s it, no more chatting until (6 hours before u meet). The date is then added to their calendars.

It also has a time-based chat made available six hours prior to the date, giving users some time to break the ice before meeting in person later that day. From there, the rest is up to them!

It also offers discounts at some of LA's hottest bars, coffee shops and restaurants, so you can find the perfect date spot, like Bungalow, Cha Cha Matcha and Bravo Toast to name a few.

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