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How Do We Feel About Someone Going Through Your Bathroom?

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Last month, a TikTok creator went viral for posting a video “ranking all of the products of a guy she just hooked up with.

In it, she praised him for using CeraVe face wash (a viral TikTok favorite) but expressed that his use of coconut milk and Morroccanoil body washes mean he probably “sleeps with a lot of girls”.

While using the bathroom of the person you’re on a date with to determine if you should pursue them is creative, it could also be seen as an invasion of privacy to post it to potentially millions of viewers on the app.

With this in mind, the trend has still continued to spread on TikTok.

Ryan would this be a deal breaker for you? If someone posted everything that is in your bathroom on social media???

I would think this is ends the relationship! Funny… but RUDE!

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