This Woman Caught Her Ex Cheating Because of His Fitbit

Well this one is a doozy.

Last week an NFL reporter shared a story on Twitter about how she once caught an ex cheating... because of the Fitbit he was wearing. So while the reporter, Jane Slater and her boyfriend had been using the Fitbit to keep each other accountable to their fitness goals, it turns out the fitness tracker was a good tool in keeping her boyfriend accountable for his actions, as well.

In response to another NFL reporter who made a joke in a nod toward the controversial Peleton bike commercial that has gone viral this year (you know the one, where they suggest getting a Peleton for your significant other), Jane responded with her own story and reason as to why she doesn't love a fitness-related gift.

Jane shared that she originally loved her fitness gift: a Fitbit! She was gifted it from an ex and they had synced their accounts up in order to hold each other accountable and motivate each other. Buuuut one night when he was "unaccounted for" at 4am and she found his activity levels were spiking... you can put two and two together.

She also followed the tweet up clearing a different one of her ex's names, because they were apparently getting all kinds of texts and questions about the situation once her tweet went viral.

She shared that the innocent boyfriend in Austin was actually one of the "best boyfriends" she has ever had and their issue was "timing not cheating" so I would like to see the movie made of this story where the timing is NOW correct and these two get back together?

All to say though, YIKES. Imagine finding out your significant other is cheating because of a FITNESS app! I don't wish cheating on anyone, but especially to find out like that.

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