Why I'm Taking The Twins To The Chiropractor


Ever since my pregnancy, I have been a HUGE believer in the benefits of going to the chiropractor regularly.

Carrying twins was pretty hard on my body - especially because I'm not quite 5 feet tall - so going to the chiropractor every other week has really helped my body feel a LOT better, especially my back.

After experiencing how much the chiropractor has helped me out over the last 6 months or so, I wondered if there were benefits to taking your babies to the chiropractor.

And it turns out there are HUGE benefits for babies! So now I'm taking Aiza and Maxon to the chiropractor.

After doing my research, I just had to share the benefits with you all because if you have the ability to take your babies and kids to the chiropractor, I seriously encourage it! 

It helps with their growth. Since babies are constantly growing, if they aren't properly aligned, it can get in their way of them being able to grow as they are supposed to.

It supports their immune system. When anyone's body is in the best shape, it helps with the immune system, and this is no different for kids and babies. Because kids have immune systems that are still developing, they need all the care they can get.

It helps them get over sicknesses. When your baby or child has a earache or is congested, getting aligned can help with the draining of fluid to help them get over the sickness quicker!

It helps them sleep better. Look, I'm willing to try ANYTHING that will help my babies sleep better and longer! Even though they're pretty much sleeping through the night now, if they can sleep another 20 minutes longer, that's great!

These 4 benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of what chiropractic care can do for the babies! It is also said to help with fussiness and digestion. SO I'm taking this babies this week for their first appointment, and I will report back on how it is helping our family!

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