All the Easter Eggs We're Obsessing Over in the 'All Too Well' Short

As if we needed any more reason to believe “All Too Well” was about Jake Gyllenhaal, the Easter eggs in the short film are hard to deny!

We have to discuss more the absolute most significant as in the short film for her 10-minute version of “All Too Well”.

This song was never a single so fans never got a music video for it and yet it is one of the deepest songs Swifties are connected to I’d say out of all the albums so we were in for a treat with this 15-minute short film.

For starters, Dylan O'Brien played the male lead (who is 30) and Sadie Sink played the female lead (who is 19) aka the same age difference as Taylor and Jake were when they dated.

Dylan is dressed exactly like Jake throughout the entire video, with a beanie and major scruff.

The scenes of them frolicking through the woods were exactly like the paparazzi shots we all know too well from Taylor and Jake's days of dating.

Plus the infamous red scarf!

But what I’m wondering is, do you think re-living and putting imagery together for this re-release was therapeutic or would it be hard for you to re-live deep heartache like that no matter how much time has gone by?

"All Too Well" New York Premiere

Photo: Getty Images

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