11/11 Marks a Significant Day for Manifesting: Here's What to Do

Photo: Credit: Tanya Rad

Today is Veteran's Day and we salute all our nation’s veterans for the sacrifices they have made for our country.

It's also 11/11 which is a significant day for manifesting! In fact, the number 11 is the number of manifestation in both astrology and numerology so 11/11 is a big deal. It is an opportunity for you to connect with your inner self and kickstart spiritual growth.

· First, be very mindful of every single thought you have on this day because you may make certain things happen.

· Don’t dwell on what could go wrong.

· Look forward to possibilities you’re excited about without being attached to the outcome.

· Put your wishlist into the world

· If you are feeling stuck or challenged, ask for guidance.

· If you’re single, you might be meeting a soulmate or twin flame today.

· Note any significant dreams you may be having for clues about what’s to come!

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