Jennifer Aniston Basically Won Instagram in 2019


It's the Instagram account that keeps blessing and blessing and blessing us. I'm talking about Jennifer Aniston! You know she recently joined Insta and it's been a pretty big deal.

I've actually been very intrigued as to the people she follows because it's a pretty short list, 179 people to be exact. First, she followed the cast of Friends, obviously! A few interior design accounts, if you need some design inspo I suggest head over to Jenn's followers.

But, there's one guy I found in her following list that I'm newly obsessed with. His name is Jay Shetty and he's a motivational speaker. He posts GOOD quotes and he did an entire talk about goals vs. a mission and I'm forever changed. Listen to this. Goals are temporary, they move and change - a mission is something you experience every single day - it's more of a lifestyle.

On the flip side I find this follower interesting, ex husband Justin Theroux. I feel if Brad Pitt had Instagram she would follow him too? Which makes me think, am I petty that I can't follow people I've dated on social media? I just feel even though there's no feelings anymore, I don't need to see what you're doing? Thoughs, let me know @TanyaRad where you stand!


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