Camila Cabello's Latest Song Is About Her Super Famous Beau


We are in countdown mode to Camilla Cabello's new album, Romance. Camila has straight up confirmed that a few of the songs are actually about Shawn Mendes! She said, "Toward the end (of recording) there were (songs about Shawn) - yeah, yeah!"

The latest song she dropped off the album is titled "Easy" and it's totally about Shawn Mendes. Let's dissect shall we:

"You really really know me / the future and the old me.

I never liked my crooked teeth. You tell me they're your favorite thing

Anything else? The stretch marks all around my thighs

Kiss 'em 'til I change my mind. About everything else.

Always thought I was hard to love. 'Til you made it seem so easy, seem so easy."


Yup, those lyrics are SO about Shawn Mendes. Plus she performed it this past weekend on Saturday Night Live while wearing a super sexy dress, you must check it out..


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