Miley Cyrus & Kaitlynn Carter Have Called It Quits


Miley Cyrus is back on the market! After a month of a dating and PLENTY of public making out, news broke that she and Kaitlynn Carter have called it quits. Don't get too bummed, because apparently the two are on good terms and going to continue being friends!

According to People, "Miley doesn't want a serious relationship...she and Kaitlynn spent every day together and it just wasn't anything that Miley wanted to continue doing. She wants to focus on her career."


And honestly I'm totally here for this. Miley legit just got out a marriage and I like that she's taking a beat for herself. This seems like a very healthy move.

When Miley and Kaitlynn first were spotted together it went from 0 to 100 real quick and I think that was my first sign that this might be a summer love situation. You know what they say, fire.

I'm here to tell you, if you are experiencing a slow burn with the person you are dating right now, this might be the healthier way with more longevity.


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