Taylor Swift Says "Spelling Is Fun" Meanwhile Her Merch Had A Typo


So, of course we all know the line in Taylor Swift's song "ME" that goes...."Hey kids spelling is fun!" Which makes the irony of this story THAT much better.

Picture this...you order your $55 dollar Taylor Swift shirt and the order arrives, you're excited! But, then you open the box and see the lyrics on it to read this..."YOUR'E THE ONLY ONE OF YOU. BABY THAT'S THE FUN OF YOU."


Did you see it? The apostrophe is put after the R instead of after the U. So, I naturally have a few questions here.

How many people have to see this merch before it goes to print? How many people overlooked this project? It is on a TON of the shirts because I see them all over social. So, I don't think this was a small mistake.

All of this did lead me to think that this might be a clue? Our girl Tay is nothing short of calculated so could this have some bigger meaning or was it really just a mistake? Hmmmm.


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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