It's Met Gala Monday & You Won't Believe These Rules They Have To Follow


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Today is the Super Bowl of fashion, the Met Gala! Every guest who is invited to attend is carefully chosen by Vogue's Ana Wintour. And there is are some rules attendees MUST follow, I wanted to share with you. Listen to this...

NO selfies, which may be the WORST rule. It was reported in 2015 that use of social media had been banned form the event. The use of phones for photography and social media is not permitted inside the gala, was information included in a notice sent to all guests. Kylie Jenner totally broke that rule on 2017 what that ICONIC bathroom selfie.


The list goes one under 18 years of age allowed, no smoking inside the bathroom and no onion breath - according to the New York Post, certain food items are purposely omitted from the menu at the request of Ana Wintor. A former Vogue employee also said that parsley is banned to avoid the risk of it getting in people's teeth. Neither onion or garlic is served at the event.

On top of those rules there are strict seating arrangements. In the 2016 documentary, The First Monday in May, which you can watch on Netflix - we see first hand how much planning goes into who sits next to who. Like it's a whole thing. So, I'm def going to pay very close attention who's sitting next to who this year!

Happy Met Gala, can't wait to see all of the looks!


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