Is A Major Change In The Works For Instagram?


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There recently was a tweet from a woman named, Jane Manchun Wong, who reverse engineers popular apps like Instagram. She basically started this frenzy when she tweeted news about a version of Instagram they are testing that removes "likes."


Basically only you can see how many like your photo gets, but no one else can see it. A lot of people were praising this because ultimately people don't post as much because they want to make sure the photo is going to get a lot of likes. So this change courage encourage people to post more content on the app.

Instagram denied that such a feature is in testing, "We're not testing this at the moment, but exploring ways to reduce pressure on Instagram is something we're thinking about."


Let me just say, I am NOT here for this. I think if they do this it should be an option that you can opt in or out of, but not everyone should be forced to have their likes removed!

Also I like seeing likes because it's a way to tell what people have bought their followers. So many people have like 200K followers with only 200 likes on a photo, which is an off ratio, clearly showing their buy their followers.


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