Will Hollywood Bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio Get Engaged In 2019?


Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is "ready to settle down" with girlfriend Camila Morrone. The two are very serious according to a source close to the couple. Marriage could be SOON for them!

I mean we are entering a high engagement season, so I am making a BIG prediction these two get engaged. Leo just turned forty-four and this seems to be the magic number!

I do want to tell Camila something about men in their forties...

1) They are experienced. Leo is like a fine wine! He's live, he's loved and he's learned - so he know what he wants. What he wants is Camila! That's obviously a plus.

2) They MIGHT have baggage. Men in their forties have most likely been married before. but, Leo has not! Another plus for Camila.

3) Do not assume there is something wrong with them. Seriously, timing is everything!

4) They are NOT going to change. Please, remember this phrase - "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." If you are dating a forty-year-old man that is perfect only if he changes "x, y and z" - you MIGHT want to press pause and re-evaluate that.

To me these two seem like perfection. We will have to see if my prediction turns out to be accurate!


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