This Is What Unfolds When Taylor Swift Has A Stage Malfunction (WATCH)

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First it was Beyoncé, now it's Taylor Swift. Proof that just because you're a QUEEN doesn't mean you're exempt from things malfunctioning. Tay was the latest to have her stage not cooperate during her concert and it led to some pretty funny and EPIC moments - all caught on camera by fans of course. 

Check this out, props to her handling it all like a pro...

Taylor was literally beyond confused what was happening when the basket didn't move around the arena as planned. You can see confusion on her face, while trying to keep her cool during the song...


When Tay finished singing "Delicate" she said, "It's important to be honest with friends" and went on to explain the sparkly basket malfunction. She ultimately had to figure out how to get to the B stage, since the basket didn't bring her there. WHOOPS...


While waiting for the plan of how she'd get to the B stage she decided to keep fans entertained, so she sang "Our Song." She's seriously the CUTEST...


PS - If you're wondering how this moment ended, I found out that she did not walk to the B stage. Which was probably a smart move on her and her securities part. Keep KILLING tour Taylor! ❤️

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