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8 Foods To Eat That Help Contour Your Face Shape

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Face contouring is soooo in. There's all this makeup out there to define your face shape. But if you're looking for more of a natural contour you should turn to these foods...

1. Spinach = Defined cheekbones

  • Rich in nutrients, strengthens skin tissue and slows down the aging process. Full of vitamin A which helps your skin renew itself and gives it that beautiful glow!

2. Oysters = Firm cheeks

  • Full of omega-3 and zinc. When consumed along with vitamin C it will help your body produce more elastin which makes your skin firm and radiant!

3. Tangerines = Defined jawline

  • Amazing source of vitamin A and C, which helps battle acne and speeds up the rebuild process of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are easy to manage when you have tons of vitamin A and vitamin C helps you produce collagen - which keeps the skin supple and the jaw looking taut!

4. Avocado = Taut skin and shiny eyes

  • Omega-9 fats repair damaged skin by reducing redness and irritation! Avocado helps protect your skin form signs of aging.

5. Red Pepper = Fuller lips

  • The seeds contain capsicum. Run a tiny bit of the seeds on your lips to drastically improve blood circulation, creating a fuller looking lip!

6. Broccoli = Smooth neck

  • Protects your skin from UV radiation and slows the skin aging process. Filled with vitamin C, B and E which prevents wrinkles and gives it a beautiful glow!

7. Turmeric = All over glow

  • Repairs damaged skin cells and other skin conditions like burns or posriasis! 

8. Lots of water= defined face structure 

  • Helps flush sodium from your body, lots of sodium makes your face look puffy and gives your skin an unhealthy sallowness.

(Info: Cosmo)

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