6 Simple Tweaks You Should Make To Your Dating Profile To Get More Matches

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Honestly who isn't on a dating app...or two these days?! Anyone else struggle with not getting a lot of matches?? Well, don't think it's not because you beautiful inside and out (because FYI you SO are), it probably is because your profile isn't up to par. You just need to make a few tweaks to ensure you're getting the MOST swipe rights possible!

Listen up, pull up your dating app profile and make sure you have these items in check. If not make the changes ASAP...

1. Make sure you have a bio, no excuses! Sure it can be hard to write about yourself, but seriously put something - even if it's short and sweet!


2. Do focus on what makes you, YOU in your bio. Still struggling with that bio? Think about what makes you unique and original! This makes you eye catching and it gives them something to start talking to you about!


3. Do not post any profile photos wearing sunglasses! Though cute sunnies sometimes make the outfit, skip that photo. By posting photos wearing sunglasses or even prescription specs you reduce your change of right swipes by 15 percent!


4. Also do not wear hats in any of your profile photos! Apparently hats decrease your right swipes by 12 percent. How insane?!


5. Do post photos of your smiling! Skip those sexy, sultry and duck face photos. You'll get 14 percent more right swipes by posting photos of you smiling! Show off those pearly whites!


6. Show your face! Post photos where you are facing the camera. Angles are great, but not for your dating app profile. Save those for Insta. 20 percent more right swipes will come your way for face forward photos!


Let me know if these changes increased your matches! My fingers are crossed for you!

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