9 Early Signs Your Partner Is Your Soulmate

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I'm sure there has been a point where you've wondered if your S.O. is "the one." I know there totally has been a moment in one of my past relationships where I wondered this. But, isn't is incredibly hard to tell? It's literally soooo easy to figure out if someone is NOT for you, but knowing if they are "the one" is beyond complicated. 

So you can imagine I was thrilled when I stumped upon this list! They are 9 early signs that your partner is in-fact THE ONE! It should be noted that early signs are typically within the first 6 months. 

Here we go....

1. It's easer than you would expect a relationship to be! Obviously it takes work, so you're not going to skate by, but it's much easier and less drama than past relationships you've been in.


2. You began with honesty! Honesty is KEY. If you find yourself comfortable being open and honest with your partner early on that's a really good sign.


3. You're not having the same doubts you've had with others you dated. Most of us have baggage from past relationships and that often makes us hesitant to take the next step in our new relationship. But, when you find your person you won't have those same doubts you once had before. There is this hopefulness in the other person!


4. You feel so much more confident in yourself. If being with your partner makes you feel strong and confident that's AMAZING. It means you're comfortable and safe around them!


5. You're both willing to do whatever it takes to spend time together! Of course you're both busy, you're probably both working and on different schedules yet you make time for date nights. And you have that feeling where you can't wait to see each other!


6. You're both open to love at the very beginning. No matter your past you NEED to believe that you deserve someone who loves you and treats you right! If you feel openness from that start it's another good sign things are moving in the right direction.


7. You can tell each other anything! Communication is the key to a solid relationship! It's really important to voice what's on your mind to your partner. Hiding things can lead to feelings of dishonestly which doesn't build a strong foundation for the relationship. Share things sooner rather than later, okay not on the first date of course, but within the first 6 months!


8. You're both planning ahead to be in each other's lives! You've added them as your plus one to ALL your upcoming events and they are doing the same for you. This is a good sign that you see each other as long term!


9. They bring out the best in you! If they bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in them it's a pretty clear sign that your partner is your soulmate! 


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