Hometown Hustler: Domonique Brown of DomoINK

Meet our Hometown Hustler from last week⁠—Domonique Brown of DomoINK!

Domonique Brown initially founded DomoINK in 2018, in the kitchen of her parents’ home.

For a couple of months, she sold pins and earrings and then shut the store down after doubting her potential as a business owner. Those negative thoughts ended years later. To save up for her first house with her fiance, Domonique was working two jobs from 2019 until April 2020.

Uninspired by the typical day-in and day-out, she eventually decided to quit her second job and bet on herself once again as an artist. What started as a small side hustle in 2020, which has since grown into a lifestyle brand and shop known as DomoINK.

DomoINK was created to bring diversity to the art shelves. Whether you’re looking for art or unique decor and apparel pieces, DomoINK is a one-stop-shop that celebrates inclusivity while empowering men and women of color.

More from DomoINK here!

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