Hometown Hustler: Cynthia Taylor of Spinner Pinata

Prior to launching her own small business, Cynthia Taylor of Westminster worked in catering.

A few months ago the SoCal native had an idea to put a spin on a party favorite— the piñata!

Cynthia developed the Spinner Piñata, which is essentially a unique alternative to the traditional piñata. Cynthia wanted to avoid the dangers of a traditional piñata (blindfolds, bats etc.) and also wanted to create an alternative that’s reusable.

So how does it work? Simply load the candy/ party favors, attach the Spinner Piñata to a rope and elevate just like a normal piñata and pull the ribbon! The piñata starts to spin around unraveling as candy rains down.

Check out the Spinner Piñata below:

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