Burbank Public Library Will No Longer Charge Late-Return Fees

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Burbank Public Library is officially fine-free.

The public library system announced last week it will no longer charge fines for materials that are returned late.

Library Services Director Elizabeth Goldman said in a statement that "While fines for overdue items may seem like a small burden, they can create a major barrier to service for those who are struggling financially," add that many residents have decided to stop using public libraries because of the inability to pay or fear of accruing fines.

Burbank's move follows steps taken by dozens of other California cities,. Burbank officials said other cities that have eliminated fines have seen people returning long-overdue items and returning to libraries after long absences.

By eliminating late fees, officials hope this will allow for increased access to materials and services, especially for our younger patrons, and they hope to better meet their mission of "connecting our community members to opportunities for growth, inspiration and discovery.''

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