LAUSD to Keep Campuses Closed When New Semester Starts in January

Los Angeles Unified School District campuses will reportedly remain closed to students when the new school year begins in January, due to the continuous surge in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles, the county's Superintendent, Austin Beutner said Monday.

The district had been offering in-person instruction to small groups of high-need students, but when coronavirus cases began surging around Thanksgiving, Beutner halted all on-campus learning in early December, reports add.

Beutner also offered statistics from the district's COVID-19 testing program being offered to students, families and staffers. He said 10% of children being tested in the program turned out to be positive for the virus, despite showing no symptoms. And 5% of adults have tested positive, even without symptoms.

The district has tested about 250,000 people in its program. The school semester begins Jan. 11, but actual instruction won't start until Jan. 12.

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