Regal Cinemas Set to Launch Unlimited Ticket Subscription Program

Deadline is reporting that movie theater chain - Regal Cinemas - is setting up to launch a new unlimited movie ticket subscription service by the end of this month (July). This unlimited movie ticket subscription will launch only in the United States.

The report also states that the specifics of the launch are being "ironed" out between the major studio companies and Regal Cinemas' parent-company, Cineworld.

Deadline's reporting states that there will be three different prices/subscriptions: an $18 option, as well as $21 and $24 options. What the report is really emphasizing is the fact that Regal Cinemas' subscriptions truly will be unlimited. The varying monthly prices pertain to movie theater -- so your local Regal Cinemas will determine the price you pay.

If you decide to purchase the 'top-tier' subscription, you will have access to all movie theaters: emphasizing what Deadline said: "from Valencia, CA to 42nd Street in NYC". On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest tier gets access to about half of the chain’s national footprint.

It gets better! With your Regal Cinemas subscription, there will be 10% cash reductions on concessions, AND the cool part is that they will be immediate rather than receiving a voucher for the next visit.

According to the report, the unlimited subscribers will have to purchase an entire year in advance for the unlimited ticket program, so the tier prices respectively would be $288, $252 and $216. How does that sit with you?

This new subscription plan is completely different from Regal's current “The Regal Crown Club,” which is free.

Finally, Deadline's reporting states that it is not clear whether premium venues (IMAX, Dolby Digital 3D and Premium Large Format screens) will be included in the monthly subscription like it is with AMC’s subscriptions.

What are your thoughts? Is this something you're willing to take part in?

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