The ‘P’ In IHOP Stands for Pancakes But With A Twist

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IHOP announced just last week that they were chancing the meaning of the IHOP acronym once again. However, this time, the P stands for something other than pancakes.

Well, in a turn of events, it turns out the "P" in IHOP still stands for just...pancakes? But this time pancakes is what the company is calling their burgers. Yes, you read that correctly...pancakes = hamburgers at IHOP and yes we're just as confused (and disappointed as you are).

Many fans speculated that the "P" would stand for “Pride” and come accompanied by rainbow pancakes that would do nothing to advance LGBTQ rights. But nope, just stands for pancake hamburgers.


“When we changed our name to IHOb (for burgers) the internet told us to stick to pancakes,” the chain writes on their website. “So we’re sticking to ‘pancakes.’ Hint: They’re burgers.”

According toBusiness Insider, “The chain has rounded up people who criticized the IHOb campaign last year and added them to a ‘Bancake’ list,” and those on the list will need to tweet something positive about the burgers in order to be removed from the list, and possibly be given a “reward.” Maybe the "P" in IHOP also stands for petty! Peeeeetttttyyyyy!

You're probably asking yourself "what do I say when I want actual pancakes?" Who knows, but at least we have burgers called pancakes now!

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