Have A Nut Allergy? American Airlines Is Giving You This Perk

American Airlines is taking a huge step towards helping passengers with nut allergies. The airline itself does not serves nuts, but cannot guarantee that their customers won't bring some on the flight.

Instead, AA is trying to help those with peanut allergies without banning the snack from their flights. 

American Airlines made the announcement this week; beginning December 12, 2018, the airline will allow passengers who have a nut allergy to board their flights early so they will have the opportunity to wipe down their seats, tray tables, and other surfaces.

This change hopes to prevent potentially deadly allergic reaction to nuts. American Airlines explained to TODAY that "Customers with but allergies who would like to board flights early to wipe down surfaces may ask to do so at the gate. Though we do not serve peanuts in flight, we can't guarantee our customers won't be exposed to peanuts or other tree nuts during their trip."

American Airlines is following the steps of Delta Airlines who already allows passengers who have nut allergies to board early to wipe down their seating area.

While the new policy was widely supported on social media, particularly among those concerned about food allergies, some fliers pointed out that the policy could potentially be abused by passengers who don't actually have a nut allergy.

Food allergies are no joke, so this is a great addition to American Airlines' policies. I hope people respect this and don't abuse this system to get onboard earlier. 

How do American Airlines flyers feel about this change?

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