Study Finds Parents Have 32 Minutes of Daily 'Me-time'

Being a parent is hard, and before you know it, your daily routine now revolves around your kids. Every decision and action comes with your child(ren)in mind.

Well parents, if you're feeling like you never get any time for yourself, you are not alone! A study found that parents have just 32 minutes to themselves every day and many have to hide from their kids to get a breather.

The new survey, conducted by meal delivery service Munchery, looked into the everyday lives of 2,000 moms and dads. The study found that the typical parent is limited to just about 30 minutes everyday just for themselves right after work and parenting duties are accounted for.  

The survey even found that the average parent admits to hiding from their children four times a week to make out some space! This can be me sometimes! I'll admit it.

If you think about it, as parents, we never stop "working"! 

The survey also found that 24 percent of parents spend more than 30 hours every week directly taking care of their kids in addition to other responsibilities.

No way a schedule of getting your kids to and from school, feeding them, bathing them, getting them into bed and just about all the other million things, will allow you to have any free time! 

Other important key factors found by the study is that 88% of parents admit to being too busy to cook, and 96% reported that not having enough time to cook results in them indulging in less healthy food. How many of you guys feel that is very accurate?

Now not to add more to your plate, the study also found that parents are so busy that they actually skip 227 proper meals every year. Yes, you read that correctly...227 meals a year. That's nearly 1 a day! 

Honestly, parents, we could sit around all day and complain about not having enough time to ourselves, gaining weight, and just about everything that comes with a parent. However, the purpose of this blog was to tell YOU that you are not alone in feeling like you don't get that time to yourself! All of us are going through it together! 

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