Netflix Will Release An Interactive Episode of 'Black Mirror'

Netflix is taking our television experience to the next level. The hit original series Black Mirror is debuting an interactive episode, which is totally something you would expect out the mind-boggling show! 

The series from Charlie Brooker is working on a choose-your-own adventure episode for the upcoming fifth season. As of right now, the details are very limited, but it has been confirmed that the interactive narrative would allow viewers to pick how the story will unfold as they watch. Tell me that isn't the coolest thing ever? 

Who better to test out this interactive-styled TV programming than Black Mirror? The show itself included an episode similar to this idea. 

No word on when the 5th episode will air, but it's Netflix, so the shows don't normally follow a seasonal schedule. Which can mean we can get new content just about any time. 

Netflix has already released choose-your-own-adventure episodes for some of its animated programs for kids! (Puss in Book for example). Black Mirror will be the first mainstream and popular show to follow the hype! 

This is beyond exciting and I can't wait to see how this completely changes how we view television! What do you guys think about this?

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