Moldy Bread? Never Eat The "Clean" Part

You're probably smart enough to know that you should never eat moldy bread. But did you know that cutting off the moldy portion of your bread and eating the "clean" part of the bread does not mean you got rid of the mold?

We've all been there. You feel like you just bought your loaf of bread, so how is there mold already growing on it? It turns out, even though you cannot see it, your whole loaf of bread could be teaming with fungus. 

Watch this video posted by Tech Insider below, which visually explains why you should never eat the "clean" part of moldy bread: 


Guess it looks like there's no such thing as a "clean" part of moldy bread. Mold is a fungus, like mushrooms. The caps on the surface are easy enough to spot. But there's a vast network of subterranean "roots" called hyphae that you can't see

 So, even though you can't see it, that entire loaf could be infested with fungus. Literally, disgusting! 

So before you go off and make yourself a sandwich, take another look at your bread. It's better to be safe than sorry! 


Photos: Getty Images

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