A Starbucks In Mexico Will Be Run Entirely By Senior Citizens

Starbucks has been at the forefront of change and equal opportunity, and for Starbucks lovers around the world, you'll be excited to hear what the coffee giant has done next. 

A new Starbucks location in Mexico City  has a unique requirement for all current and future employees: candidates must be 55 years and older to be considered for the job! 

This new Starbucks location is located in the Colonia del Valle neighborhood in Mexico City. The store currently has seven employees who are between 55 and 60 years old. If you visit this location and see someone younger than 55 working there, they are simply there to train the new team to run the location themselves.

The CEO of Starbucks Mexico told Notimex that there are currently about 65 seniors among the 7,000 "partners" who work at Starbucks in Mexico, and the company hopes to increase that segment of the workforce to 120 by the end of the year, 

"It took us two years to land the best scheme to contribute to the elderly community in Mexico, opening the doors of our stores to senior baristas was not a goal, it was an act of congruence with the inclusion philosophy of Starbucks,” CEO Christian Gurría said.

Now if you're wondering about the well-being of the elderly employees while they work, Starbucks has also made some alterations to help accommodate the older staff. Their work shifts are limited to 6.5 hours per day and they receive at least two days off a week. Also, Starbucks is looking to employ them in locations that are only one floor and have lowered shelves. The seniors also receive medical insurance like all employees. This is truly amazing! 

A study by the Rand Corporation found that Mexico's aging population often find themselves in a "state of financial insecurity" due to a lack of formal resources of income retirement. Therefore, Starbucks' move came as a wider initiative to employ senior citizens, who often struggle to maintain their quality of life.

This is such a productive and forward move! People often forget about senior citizens and this allows them to continue to be active members of society. Shout-out to Starbucks for this awesome move!

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