There's A Museum In LA Dedicated To Failed Products

What happens to all those products that are over-hyped and eventually never heard of again? A plethora of items are advertised to consumers on the daily, but only a select few make it into our hands. 

Well there is a museum dedicated to celebrating the failed products and services knows as The Museum of Failure.


The Museum of Failure in Los Angeles, California, features the largest collection of failed products and services from around the world. 

Unexpected products - that were anticipated to be a hit - such as Google Glass, a board game featuring Donald Trump and a collection of unpopular Oreo varieties are a few of the products you'll find at the museum.

Who remembers 'Crystal' Pepsi? 


Check out this video (courtesy of Reuters Top News):


Samuel West, curator of the museum said: "I decided to open a Museum of Failure because I'm so tired of the success stories that the media crams down our throats."

This is such a brilliant idea. It's making sure we don't forget key moments in our history, and even how our advertising and technology have evolved. 

I wonder if those tangerine flavored Altoids are there?  

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