Sasha Obama Goes Viral After Rapping To City Girls In TikTok Video

Sasha Obama, secret City Girls fan at heart, went viral this weekend after flexing her rapping skills on TikTok.

The 19-year-old — whose parents are the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and former first lady, Michelle Obama — became a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday (October 25) after appearing in a TikTok video that showed her lip-synching verses by the Miami rap duo.

In one 15-second clip, posted by TikTok user @cakethatsmg, Sasha and her friend can be seen dancing and rapping along to Moneybagg Yo’s “Said Sum” remix featuring City Girls. “All these n—s wanna f—k JT/ Hellcat, this a SRT … Make a fifty-five suck they teeth,” Sasha lip-syncs in one part of the clip.

The video, which has since been viewed over 1.1 million times on Twitter, isn’t the only TikTok footage there is of Sasha dancing and rapping, as other users on social media quickly discovered several more clips of her doing the same. (Apparently, those clips were deleted by her friend, albeit not before they were screen-recorded.)

“Thinking about Sasha recording this with Barack and Michelle in the next room is sending me,” one Twitter user tweeted.

Someone else added, “I cannot measure the happiness I get from seeing this.”

Even City Girls member JT herself reacted to the clip with a heart-eyed cat emoji.

Watch a few clips of Sasha Obama dancing and rapping down below.

Photo: Getty Images

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