Camila Cabello Offers Fan Inspiring Advice: 'Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway'

Camila Cabello should add motivational speaker to her resume. The “Havana” singer helped us pull off another #KIISCampus on Friday, October 27, and surprised fan Melody, who looks up to the songstress for overcoming her fears and dealing with the hardships that come with friendships. 

Atfer surprising the High School at Moorpark College student live on air, Camila shared that when she was in high school, her fear of singing in front of people held her back. 

“I remember I was in drama class because I chose that as an elective, and we had to audition for our musical and … you had to audition one-and-one with the teacher and he thought that I sang well and he was like, ‘If I give you a prominent part in the musical, would you do it?’ And I was like ‘No.’ I literally was like, ‘No! Please don’t give me a part’ because I was so scared,” Camila shared.


The singer, who was initially discovered on The X Factor, continued: “It’s crazy that fear keeps you from opportunities … the only advice I could give you is when you do something for the fist time, you are never going to be not scared … we just have to just push ourselves. We just have to jump. We have to make the jump. There’s this quote: Feel the free and do it anyway.”

Listen to the audio above to hear the full interview and if you want the chance to meet your idol, use the hashtag #KIISCampus and tell us what school you go to, who you want to meet and why they inspire you!

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