Watch Logan Paul Surprise an Unsuspecting Superfan

Logan Paul might be one of our favorite joksters, but the 22-year-old YouTube star has a heart of gold. The internet sensation stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to help us pull off the latest #KIISCampus

Logan, who is starring in two upcoming movies including Where’s The Money? alongside Terry Crews, surprised superfan Emily from Maya Angelou Community High School.

The 12th grader, who aspires to be a fashion designer, shared with OAWRS that she loves Logan for “his positivity” and the fact that he’s always himself. 

Watch Emily finally meet Logan in the video above and listen to the audio to hear more from the actor. 

If you want the chance to meet your favorite social media influencer or celebrity prior to making your way to class in the morning, use the hashtag #KIISCampus and tell us what school you go to, who you are following and loving and who you’d love to meet!

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