Selena Quintanilla's Dad Slams New Docuseries Featuring Yolanda

Photo: Getty Images

Reportedly, there is a new docuseries on the way featuring Selena Quintanilla's killer, Yolanda Saildivar, which has upset Selena's father. Abraham is upset with Oxygen for even giving Yolanda a platform to tell her side of the story, which is disrespectful to Selena's legacy. He tell's TMZ,

He wants absolutely nothing to do with Yolanda herself ... cause everything she says is nothing but lies, and no one's gonna believe what she has to say anyway. In fact, Abraham wonders what more she has to say that she hasn't already ... reiterating that everyone knows there's zero truth to anything that comes out of her mouth.

He wants to make sure that no one associates him or his family with these lies from Yolanda in this two-part documentary. Yolanda said in the preview, "I knew her secrets. And I think the people deserved to know the truth," which is set to be released on February 17th.

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