Tik Tok's Viral 'Pink Sauce' Has Turned Into a Social Media Nightmare

If you're on Tik Tok, chances are you have heard about the infamous Pink Sauce. It's a condiment created by Tik Toker Chef Pii that is supposed to go on meats like chicken wings, hotdogs and hamburgers. At first social media users fell in love with the Pink Sauce and everyone was scrambling to get their hands on a bottle. However, over time people started getting skeptical about the ingredients and started pointing out inconsistencies with the product.

People started making videos calling out Chef Pii for leaving out ingredients on the list of the back of the bottle, for words being misspelled and more. According to Vice, she has also been called out for shipping a perishable item without protective packaging and doing it via ground shipping. There is even a group on Reddit dedicated to proving that the Pink Sauce is making people sick.

Chef Pii has also been going viral this week after she addressed the controversy surrounding her pink sauce and seemingly did not know what the FDA was.

“The Pink Sauce has only been a product for 20 days, literally…,” the chef tells Glamour, according to Uproxx. “We have been going through trial and error just like any other business.”

Thankfully, as of now production of the Pink Sauce has been halted. According to Uproxx, Chef Pii is working closely with the FDA now to work out all of the kinks.

Are you going to try the sauce when it comes back out?

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