Here's Why Los Angeles Needs A Wawa or Sheetz

When I moved out to California from the east coast, I was shocked to learn that there were no convivence stores like Wawa and Sheetz. Those two gas stations are staples in the West Coast. A one stop shop for gas, grocery items, and the best food around.

I asked locals if there was anything similar to a Wawa out in Los Angeles, and the closest thing I was pointed to was 711. Don't get me wrong, 711 is a great convivence store. What differentiates a 711 from a Wawa or Sheetz is the made to order food.

You order food from a kiosk and it is made right in front of you like a Subway. A few minutes later, you are out the door with a meal, drink and desert. The menu is massive, the food is delicious, and the service is quick. Sheetz used to be the after party spot in college. After a long night of party hopping and drinking, somehow someway we would always end up at Sheetz for a end of the night meal because they are open 24 hours. Or we would wake up and go there for a hangover meal.

Can we start a petition for LA to bring a Wawa or Sheetz to our city?

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