(WATCH): Man Has An Extremely Close Encounter With A Cheetah

Safari tours are usually really fun. The ability to see animals in their natural habitat is so amazing. However, sometimes these amazing experiences can be sort of dangerous. 

A group of tour goers in Tanzania got an experience they definitely won't forget. 

On their Safari tour in Africa's Serengeti, this tour group was greeted by a family of three cheetah brothers. Things were going fine until one of the cheetahs decided to take a look at the Land Rover from the inside. 

That's right, the cheetah was INSIDE THE CAR!!! 

The reasonably nervous group was instructed by their guide to remain still and not look the cheetah in the eyes. Amazingly, the group was able to hold their composure and follow his instructions allowing everyone involved to leave safely. 

This is a little too close for comfort for me, but that group definitely got their money's worth. 



Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

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