Hometown Hustlers

We want to support our local businesses here in SoCAL! You can be featured as a Hometown Hustler On Air With Ryan Seacrest! You will be able to promote your business on KIIS-FM with Ryan Seacrest! Email details of your business to RubiGonzales@iheartmedia.com.


Hometown Hustler: Marie Rolla of Black Sheep Salon

Meet our Hometown Hustler this week⁠—Marie Rolla of Black Sheep Salon!

Black Sheep Salon in Long Beach was born in 2021 after Marie Rolla noticed a lack of access in traditional salons for people of color, the LGBTQ+ community and disabled folks.

Rolla designed Black Sheep Salon to serve those who have been “often treated as afterthoughts in the beauty industry.”

According to Long Beach Post, Clients with sensory sensitivities can ask for earplugs, fragrance-free products or to use the salon’s quiet room to get away from the chaos of the salon. Stylists are also trained to work with a variety of hair textures.

Click here for more on Black Sheep Salon.

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