Hometown Hustler: Gerry and Jennifer Becerril of Bloody Gerry

Meet our Hometown Hustler this week⁠—Gerry and Jennifer Becerril of Bloody Gerry!

Photo: Sarah Morales

What did owners do before jumping into own business?

Gerry has been an unscripted television editor on some of the biggest shows in the industry. Lego Masters, Dancing with the stars, Love is Blind to name a few. Jennifer worked in Sales and Marketing for a skincare and hair loss company.

A little bit of why you started your company:

A lot of bottled Bloody Mary mixes have a distinct tomatoey flavor that people don’t like. Now, Imagine tasting a Bloody Mary mix so delicious that you quit your high paying, full-time sales job to start your own company selling what is called Bloody Gerry. This is the true story of Jennifer Becerril. She once hated Bloody Marys until her then-boyfriend Gerry said, “You just haven't had a Bloody Gerry.” After sucking down her first delicious bloody mary she decided to marry him. Jennifer and Gerry are a husband and wife team based in Venice, CA. 

What do you offer?

We offer a high quality top shelf Bloody Mary and Michelada mixer. We just launched into 98 Ralph’s Fresh Fare store across socal and are also sold at Total Wine & More.

What happened during the pandemic? How did you pivot? 

Pre pandemic we sold primarily to Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and some local independent markets all around Los Angeles. When the lockdown happened all those business basically shut down. Which meant we were dead in the water. We pivoted our focus to retailer and submitted to Total Wine and More. The buyer tasted our mix by her pool one day and brought us on! They literally saved our business and we are very grateful to have their support. 

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