CA Regulators Approve Rules To Allow Wastewater Turn Into Drinking Water

So Californians could soon be drinking recycled wastewater and I don't know how I feel about that.🤢

According to KTLA 5, this week California regulators approved new rules that lets "water agencies recycle wastewater and put it right back into the pipes that carry drinking water to homes, schools, and businesses."

“Water is so precious in California. It is important that we use it more than once,” said Jennifer West, managing director of WateReuse California, a group advocating for recycled water.

Recycled wastewater has been used for years around California, which include using it to make ice rinks for Ontario Reigns minor league hockey team, using it to make snow at Soda Springs Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe and using it to water crops. Recycled wastewater hasn't been used for drinking yet but now water companies will be able to take that wastewater to treat it and put it back into the drinking water system. How do you feel about these new rules passing on using recycled wastewater as drinking water? For more information, click here.

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