Getting her start in southern California, Gabby Diaz's recognizable and alluring voice has made its way up the west coast, entertaining radio listeners ears for the past four years.

The San Gabriel Valley native grew up with a passion for music, from taking long joy rides with her father as a child to appreciate the different tunes on the radio, to ultimately becoming the friendly and surprisingly familiar voice accompanying listeners on their own late-night adventures during her overnight on-air slot on Los Angeles No. 1 hip hop station, Power 106.

Once Gabby took her first leap into the radio industry, there was no stopping the young Latina from making her mark across the nation as a radio personality.Gabby Diaz quickly began conquering multiple markets, including Palm Springs, San Diego and Houston, as well as creating a digital presence by co-hosting the Internet radio show Rosewood Radio.

Having a hustler mentality and natural talent behind the microphone led Gabby from juggling a handful of stations to her current post in San Francisco's Wild 94.9, the No. 4 market in the country.

While at 94.9, Diaz has conducted numerous live interviews with some of music's biggest names, including Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Kehlani, Iggy Azalea, Ty Dolla Sign, DJ Mustard, Rita Ora and many more.

Gabby Diaz continues to entertain listeners with provoking and authentic conversations with their favorite artists, all while being the friend who keeps us company no matter where we decide to go.