Scary Movie Locations You Can Visit in Los Angeles

Photo: Getty

One of the many amazing things about living in Los Angeles is that so many movies and TV shows were filmed here.

So if you’ve got free day…you can go check out the Back to the Future house…or the Father of the Bride House…or the school from Grease.

And this time of year…it’s extra fun. So many scary movies were shot here.

· MURDER HOUSE from “American Horror Story” - in Arlington Heights just north of Pico

· NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET HOUSE - In the movie, it’s in Ohio…in real life… it’s in Hollywood… just south of Sunset!

· THRILLER HOUSE - From Michael Jackson’s "Thriller "video. It’s in Echo Park… just 2 doors down from the house from Charmed.

· HALLOWEEN HOUSE - Michael Myers’ boyhood home is in South Pasadena. It’s now an office building with a financial services business.

Which one will you visit?!

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