Fans Think Niall Horan's New Song Sounds A Lot Like One Direction Favorite

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Niall Horan is teasing us once again with a snippet of one of his new songs — but fans think it sounds like something they've heard before.

The "Slow Hands" singer shared three TikToks this week, the most recent on Saturday (January 21) afternoon, in which he gives fans a glimpse into his new music. The first video, in reply to a comment that said, "THIS IS GONNA BE NIALL YEARRRR," shows Niall strumming along to his guitar.

"In the famous words of DJ Khaled…ANOTHER ONE," he captioned the video, probably alluding to "another" video of him teasing fans with new music.

In the second video, Niall actually gives us lyrics to the new song. "String lights revolves around you/You float across the room," he sings. This guitar melody, however, sounds a lot like the beginning to One Direction's "Last First Kiss," as several fans pointed out in the comments.

"am i the only one who think that the beginning sounds like last first kiss?" one user said.

"Ok hear me out the beginning part with the guitar almost sounds like the beginning of last first kiss by 1D," said another.

The Niall content doesn't end there, though! In his most recent video, Niall is seen jamming out in his car to the new song on the radio.

Niall has been sharing bits and pieces of this new song (and others) on TikTok over the past month and fans are tired of being teased! Most recently, he shared a video of himself playing a sweet ballad on the piano for about 20 seconds. He also shared a couple of videos that reveal two lines of the song. "But that's just what we do" in one video and "So much to put an answer to/But that's just what we do" in another.

Niall announced in October 2022 that he plans to release new music in 2023. "I'm back. I've got new music coming in the new year that I'm really proud of, and I appreciate you being so patient with me while I've done it," he said. This would mark his third studio album, following Heartbreak Weather in 2020 and his debut solo album Flicker in 2017.

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