Ariana Grande & Kristin Chenoweth Duet 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Photo: Getty Images

Musical Theater kids unite! Ariana Grande & Kristin Chenoweth just flawlessly covered 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'! Ariana Grande originally posted a full cover of the hit song from the Wizard Of Oz on her TikTok, after responding to fans saying 'why aren't you a singer anymore'. Ariana then responded with a full cover, and said,

wanted to sing you a little something but don’t want to sing anything that is not “Ozian” at the moment :) keeping to my little bubble for now … done with lots of love.

Ariana Grande is currently rehearsing, and shooting Wicked the movie, which is supposed to be a 2 part film , part 1 being released in 2024. Kristin Chenoweth who previously played Glinda in Wicked, joined in on the fun and duet-ed Ariana's TikTok! Watch below!

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