TikTok Creator Shares What You Can Do If Southwest Cancels Your Flight

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 airplane Los Angeles International Airport

Photo: Getty Images

TikTok Creator Erika Kullberg shares what you can do if Southwest has canceled your flight! Erika is a well know creator who, and lawyer who 'reads the fine print so you don't have too!' Southwest has canceled THOUSANDS of flights this holiday season, and according to Erika here's what you can do if your flight was canceled:

  1. If Southwest cancels your flight for any reason, and you choose not to get rebooked.. you're entitled to a FULL refund (even for non-refundable tickets).
  2. If your bag is delayed, damaged or lost, the Department of Transportation requires airlines to reimburse you for any reasonable and actual expenses up to $3,800.
  3. For any delays and cancellations not related to weather, Southwest will provide these 4 things for you:
  • They'll rebook you at no additional cost.
  • They'll provide a meal or voucher or cash if youre waiting for more than 3 hours.
  • If you are waiting overnight, they'll provide a free hotel.
  • They'' provide transportation to and from the hotel.
  1. Try to get Southwest to rebook you on a different airline.
  2. Rebook for the first flight of the day (least likely to get cancelled).
  3. Check your credit card benefits, some may provide compensation if your flight is delayed/canceled and for luggage delays.
  4. File a complaint with the Department of Transportation.

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