Ray J Says Kris Jenner Made Him & Kim Kardashian Reshoot Their 'Tape'

House Of BET - Day 3

Photo: Getty Images North America

Ray J took to Instagram live to share his side of the story on the infamous tape with Kim Kardashian. He went on a rant making claims that Kris Jenner made Kim and him reshoot the tape! Ray J says:

Kim Kardashian got her handwriting and her fingerprints all on my contract. When you look army signature and her signature on my deliverables, it says Sex Tape #1, Sex Tape #2, and guess what the 3rd sex tape that they are trying to play me on is called 'Santa Barbara Sex'. Her mom made us go shoot it for safety, she watched it and said 'hey we're going to go with the first one because the first one is better, it gives my daughter a better look than the second one I made you go do' but you watched it and made a decision and then get on a show and take a lie detector test with a fraud.

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