Apparently You SHOULD Be Dating Three People At Once

The dating scene can be rough and even though you usually like to focus on pursuing one person at a time, this one dating app expert thinks that you should be dating at least three people at once.

"First, to clarify, this is not about being careless with multiple minds and hearts," said Laurel House, who is a relationship expert from the dating platform eharmony. House says this way of dating helps you determine the best path for you to move forward.

In the early stages of dating, you are allowed to connect with as many people as you want but everyone involved should be aware that there is no exclusivity yet. But the question is why date three people at one? House says that, "when you date multiple people, you tend to be clearer about what you actually need in a partner, and you are less likely to make excuses for them or ignore red flags."

House also says don't over do it with more than three matches at a time because "communicating with too many can numb your individual feelings." Dating more than three people at once could also make it harder to figure out how you really feel about someone if you can't remember certain experiences with them.

Overall it is up to you on how many people you want to date at once but House says that dating three could help you in the process of picking the right person for you. Go to Well+Good for more.

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