Here's Why You Might Not Have Gotten That Second Date!

The dating scene is always nerve-wrecking and sometimes tricky because you never know what is going to happen and if you'll get that second date.

Well According to Dailymail, people have voiced their 'petty' reasons as to why they didn't want a second date with someone and it all started with a tweet by Leah Howard from Ireland. She first tweeted back in March 2020 about her experience and got many responses from people who had their own reasons and now that topic has come back into discussion.

Leah tweeted, "Please tell me the pettiest reason you've gotten the ick for someone. I need cheering up," and oh man did the replies flood in from rejecting someone for crumbling crisps in their soup to this guy who lost his balance when the train moved. The responses are endless; this one woman said that one time her date actually asked for a strand of her hair so he can put it in his food and complain so he doesn't have to pay while another person was not feeling her date using a shopping bag on wheels.

One girl said that, "He blinked too much and had tiny hands for being 6ft."

And this one had me dying, another girl said that he, "spelt gym as 'jim' in a text message🤢."

You can head over to Dailymail to read more crazy responses to why they ended having a second date with someone.

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